Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Chair

My brother Brad lives in a very exclusive area in a very expensive home. He has a minor issue with obsessive-compulsive behavior, and because I am trained specifically in this type of disorder, he asked me to move in with him to treat him. Okay, I moved in with him because I'm homeless. Still, I am creative, and even the most inventive artists will be faced with the day when there is just no inspiration. The withdrawals I feel when I'm not creating something are far more intensely powerful than any drug withdrawal. This is Brad's home.
So, I don't have any furniture to re-do, and of course his house doesn't have anything gross enough to transform.
Then..... I remembered the chair. It was outside his back door, and I had once felt his shame and humiliation when he caught me staring at it in disbelief. But we had never spoken of the chair, and the unspoken fear lay heavy in the air between us. Now, it was time to take action!
Would you sit here? Of course not. We will never know why Brad, in all his upscale perfection, allowed this chair to stay at his home. and perhaps we don't want to know, as it may be too painful.
and now he has a chair he can be proud of