Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Rotten Old Side Porch

You're probably wondering... how does she end up in these houses? And the truth is, I wouldn't have it any other way. I had my fancy museum house, (and it was gross too, in the beginning). If a house is too new it's boring, and if it's too nice, you can't do anything to it. But ever since I started renting again after 20 years of home ownership, I will always (maybe) live in an old house. As long as it has a fireplace and hardwood floors.  *As an important side note, those are not my TWO garbage cans on display in front of my house. They are Kenneth B. Hale's, (see "The Stinky Old Chandelier", where I first introduced him to you) He lives upstairs, I have the whole downstairs. However, the front is his, the back is mine. He gets the garage, I get the laundry and basement. I told him he could put them in back but he "likes them in the front yard."Well, I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture of the filthy astroturf that was on my little side porch. (which is falling off the side of the house) But wait... I found a pic that looks just like it! Underneath there was about 8 inches of filth that had blown in through the screens which flap in the midwestern breeze. Lovely.
Even though I have been using it as a furniture re-do studio, (it's perfect for painting!) I still couldn't bear the sight of the turf. So I ripped it up. (It was so gross it crumbled as I did)
I then painted the fancy particle board flooring and did some stencils. Yeah, I know, big deal.