Thursday, December 16, 2010

There's even a Place For Everything

This tiny shack had 3 doors. The best was the bedroom screen door. You can keep all 3 doors open all year long. Bisbee has the best temperature year round in the U.S. It is always between 50-80' year round. If it rains, it's only for a minute then the sun comes out.

I have alot of pretty shirts that don't fit my chest. So I just make curtains or lampshades , and a skirt makes a perfect cover for a footstool too. I can't sew a stitch, I just use whatever I can find. A headband to tie the skirt around the light fixture, or safety pins or fabric tape. I didn't know how to create or make anything when I had money, I didn't even think of painting things, like everything I would buy from Ballard Designs was cream colored. Not anymore!
Yes, it's another old skirt. This was a very difficult time in my life, we had owned a successful business, then my husband got sick. We were struggling, I couldn't buy anything, so I just started hanging all my old clothes around the house,  LOL.  I had never thought to do that before. I also stretched a shirt over my horrible hunter green "pleather" chair, and used a pillowcase for the seat part.

This was my favorite window. A $6 nightgown from Ross and all my mismatched jewelry

Bella looks at me accusingly because I didn't get to the door fast enough

I put a broken witch ball on top of the lamp, and a $1 necklace.

Sequined drapes from Anthropologie. I came from a filled 3 story house, 2,600 sq. ft. to this 500-600 sq. ft house and there was a spot for everything, even my Grandfather clock and hundreds of dvds, cds and about ten thousand pairs of shoes

The historic landmark across the street was so old people would come from miles around to photograph it or paint it

Here's a good idea. See the little blue stove? Put a red rope light inside it and plug it in. I got that stove for $15, and the rope light makes it look lit. That light didn't burn out for four years. There's the $1,100.00 rug I was telling you about earlier. It looks pretty worn there. But after shampooing it looked really bright. The colors were way prettier than in these faded out pictures. It's so sunny there that it's very hard to take photos.