Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our first look inside: The Magical Little Shack

I stood in the front door, staring at what was to be my new home for the next 6 months. Could I really move from a 2,500 sq ft 3 story home to a tiny haunted shack? Already, the plastic 70's light fixture had my head spinning with fear! I couldn't buy a new one yet, and the hideous bulb... could I change it? Then, my confidence returned as I remembered that as I was slowly becoming better at fixing ugly things I didn't like, an idea would just come to me when I wasn't thinking about it. That really works with whatever you're trying to fix, not just decorating. Once you get better at whatever it is, and have some success.. if you just stop thinking about it, the perfect idea will just come to you sort of "on it's own". Of course the horrible light fixture was in the back of my mind, but a few nights later I looked up at it and realized a skirt with an elastic waist would go around it. This comes from not being able to sew, and, not wanting to sew. I have no patience or desire to do that, and even if I did, it's just something I know I can't do. So I've found ways around it. One of my specialties has become using things that are meant for one thing for different purposes. Does this make sense?