Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hang on, we'll go inside in a minute!

If you never had a clue about decorating, and always wanted to, you've come to the right place. A few short years ago, I was buying matching curtains... and worse! I will reveal some of the most shameful secrets in my life. Here is one to put you at ease.. I used to shop at Kohls. There, I said it.  I will show you what my first house looked like when I didn't know how to decorate, (I have chills just thinking about it).  Later, you'll also see what my big fancy house looked like when I had money. And, because I have the same stuff, you'll see the different ways I use it in different homes. I thought it would be the most fun to start here, in the haunted hills of Bisbee, Arizona, where I rented an 1897 miner's shack for $500 a month. I was the first woman to live here... ever. Now try not to skip ahead, because you know how much you love the before and afters!