Friday, December 4, 2009

Shocking Secret #2: (Deeply) In Love with a Sink

Yes, I really was. I kept it so sparkling that I would take gross stuff for the garbage disposal way out to the garbage rather than put unsightly debris in my beautiful sink. I washed my hair in it, and shined it up daily. Kind of psycho, I know. It might have been the most expensive item in my home. No, it didn't come with the house, LOL. (See Before & Afters)

If you're ever in the market for a gorgeous sink,  this is Kohler. We bought this in 2000 for $2,600.00, and that was with a huge discount my husband got because we had a plumbing contracting business. I don't even want to see what they have now, I'm scared, and sad. I miss my sink. 
That little yellow duck hanging to the left of the seltzer bottles dispensed hand washing soap through it's beak. Hey! I sold that little sponge holder guy with no pants on on Ebay. I miss that too!
this is my sink now.... BORINGGGGGG but (at least it's not stainless steel!)