Friday, November 13, 2009

Same Stuff, Different House

For some reason, wherever I live, people think I bought all new stuff for every house. They say things like (all the time, and this is well.. crazy) "Did this stuff come with the house?"
If you buy things you really love, there will always be the perfect spot for whatever it is.
Below, the same clock as the 1st shelf picture above
My bed I've had since 1993 I spray painted it with some Krylon wet look paint. Once I thought of painting, (just a little over a year ago) I couldn't stop. I painted everything I have. Fearful of the "craft look" I stayed with mostly metallic paints, mixing them to get my own colors. I started with picture frames. You wouldn't believe how much fun that is. I'll take some pictures of them to show you. So, I painted the bed, the knobs, and the shelf and little tin box. I don't know where I came up with the red, orange and yellow combo, I think it started with the bright orange dust ruffle I wanted.
In the pictures above and below, it's the lamp. One of my favorite shirts that was too tight for me in the chest made a beautiful lampshade. Some jewelry from the dollar store was the perfect accent. Now, in my new house, the lamp is back to it's original look. It is from Anthropologie.