Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A stinky $2 Chandelier

here is my treasure
My friend Danielle is a "real" artist. By that I mean, of course, she's awesome, but being educated in the arts can sometimes make you forget that it is your inner creativity that you must always listen to. So, when we entered a horrible stinky house for a garage sale, (my breath held tightly), I could feel her disgust as I excitedly told the (also stinky) woman that I would take it!
For a few days, it sat on the floor and I stared at it. It was actually making my house smell so I had to take action! I took it outside and threw it in the grass, still holding my breath. I even cut my hands trying to scrub the repulsive old globes. All I had was some lavender and silver paint, but the important thing was to cover every inch of this ugliness. So I did.
My friend Johnny Bee took this picture of it hanging on my patio. He's an artist too. I thought about painting the globes but I couldn't find 2 of them. For days. When I did find them, I couldn't find the other 3. They were even ugly painted! Now, I would add really cool lightbulbs if I could find some. My cool ones are in my livingroom chandelier that I made. Wish I had a before of this, but think HOME DEPOT. $29. UGH.
anyway, where was I? So Danielle really likes it!  And lucky for me, she's a skilled and educated artist, because she put the headpins on my beads and showed me how to wire the beads on so they don't fly off.
So, in less than an hour, (okay, maybe a little more than an hour), and for only $2.00, I have a beautiful chandelier. You can too! Speaking of garage sales, (thanks, Danielle!) we found this retro wonder:
and first I made it look like this. I hate the color too, again, it's all I had enough of.
Danielle redid it. She was painting it black when my creepy upstairs neighbor, Kenneth B. Hale came driving in the driveway. He scolded her because he thought he "drove through a cloud of paint." He should watch where he's going! Now it looks like this:
It looks great, right? After all, it was only $4.
I had just printed out this cool design, but I don't like to cut things out. I even got into trouble in first grade for "refusing to use my scissors." So, Danielle came over, and she started cutting it out. She goes to one of the most prestigious universities in the country! I better not tell you which one, because if she gets a stalker, she'll be mad. Here's the design:
But then Danielle had to go, and my friend Johnny Bee came over.  I layed the design down near him with the scissors on top. He picked it up and cut out the rest of it, every little teeny spec. I knew he would! (He doesn't know that I set him up) Then he thought.. and thought... Here he is thinking:
and he made the first ever "coolightescope" and yes, that is how he spells it.
I just felt that the $4 table didn't deserve this new invention, but he put it on anyway.
This is Danielle. I told you she was awesome. She's single too. Just thought I'd throw that out there for her.