Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three Screen Doors To Keep Open Every Day

The bookcases had two sides, and for the first time in my life I had a place to put my dvds and you seriously can't imagine how many I have. There were ceiling fans! And huge overhead storage in both bedrooms. Maybe my favorite feature, (below) , was that there was a screen door in our bedroom too! 
It also went out to the back porch where I would..... hang laundry. Who knew that I would enjoy this? I didn't. But because Bisbee has the best year round weather in the United States, (50-80 all year) and no humidity, I loved hanging the laundry out. We had a washer but no dryer. The birds were singing. The 90 year old neighbor man would smoke his pipe and tell me stories. It was magical! Still, my kids were horrified that I was living there and everyone made fun of me. I didn't care.  Off the subject of decorating a bit, I tend to do that but My welsh corgi, Bella disappeared for six hours one day. Did the evil dog catcher come and take her away? No. I went out on the front porch and heard someone yell "I found her!" and she had really made the rounds. The police called me and gave me the address of the guy that found her. He had fixed her a plate of bacon and eggs and was taking pictures of her when we came. He said they'd all had a hell of a good time. He said he knew she was "too perty to be a stray." The next day when I walked her everyone in town knew her, and she knew them. I took this picture of her  when she got home after six long hours. She looks really upset doesn't she?